The Company


Mixtrum AB founded 2003 by Leif Boberg and Poa Åslund, is a high-technological engineering company located in Älvdalen in the middle of Sweden.
The word ”mixtrum” comes from the local dialect and means approximately ”to find clever solutions.


We are specialized in manufacturing and assembly of  fine mechanical parts from prototype to series.
In our manufacturing process we use from ordinary machine tool up to Multi-tasking  machining centers
and we machines most materials, like aluminium, steel, stainless, plastic and brass.

For quality control we use CNC-controlled measuring machines.

Through our well developed co-operation with external suppliers we can take care of all forms of after-treatment, for example varnishing, surface finish and hardening.


We are subcontractors to industries in Sweden and the rest of Europe. We have customers within branches like vehicle, telecommunication, electronics, aviation, defence, instrument – and medicine technique together with traditional industry.


We are certified according to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

We shall through constant development of our staff and machine equipment also in the future have, a stable, modern, high-quality together with environment – and security adapted plant.

Our goal is to the entire time meet our customers need of high-technological components and assembling. Mixtrum stands for high quality, reliability of supply and cost efficiency.